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Hi and welcome! This slide show was designed to be part of a two-way video presentation on the history of Research Ethics for my Learning and Teaching at a Distance Class, but was subsequently split into a long and short version and adapted for a Poster presentation at Purdue's Teaching, Learning, and Technology Showcase 2003.

My intent was to ultimately create a virtual and interactive time travel machine designed to take the viewer through various events in the history of the evolution of Human Subject Research Ethics. The idea is that the user can navigate the time machine and choose where to go. The long version does do that. The short version takes the viewer through the Tuskegee Syphilis Study and explains the Belmont Report and how human subject research is conducted today.

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Long Version
Research Ethics PowerPoint
Short Version
Research Ethics PowerPoint

I created this labyrinth image from two fantastic images I found on the web, a maze image and David Saber's Femme image from Frogstone.

I don't know who created the maze image, but David Saber is creator of and owns the copyright to Femme.

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